Before initiating withdrawals, you'll need to set up your bank details. 

To do so, log on to your NT+ BackOffice via

At the 'Navigation Panel', select 'My Wallet'.

Next, select 'Withdrawal Setup'.

Scroll down to 'Telegraphic Transfer (TT)' and select the square, orange pen icon on the right of the TT section. 

A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your email to verify that you're the owner of the NT+ account. 

Key-in the OTP for verification and proceed to update your bank details accordingly. 

Just a few notes to highlight:

  • Please check with your bank to ensure that the important details such as whether your account can receive funds in USD, swift code and the bank recipient information are correct.
  • IBAN refers to the International Bank Account Number and it is used to facilitate payments (usually within the European Union). This section is not compulsory unless you're making a fund transfer to the country that is using the IBAN system. 
  • The fund's receiver will assume all responsibility to ensure their details are entered correctly on the Withdrawal Setup.
  • All bank details must be updated in numbers and alphabets.